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April 3, 2018

 For Sale

GAM - Race Ready

Wade Moon Chassis - Greeley Machine Engine 

Former Season Champion at Colorado National Speedway (CNS) & Big Country Speedway (BCS)

New Doors and quarter panels

Everything goes - Lots of extra parts, tires and wheels

Stock Stub 9" w/ brakes



February 9, 2018

Turn key GAM. 355 engine.

13.6:1. Dart aluminum heads.

Lunati cam. Quick fuel carb.

Quarter Master 5 1/2” clutch.

T-10 transmission.

Your choice of 5.50 or 5.43 rear gear.

MSD 6AL & distributor.

Hawk brakes.

Spin Tech muffler.

Richardson seat.

Crow Hans belts.

Fast car with many...

October 14, 2017

It's fall, and we're busy storing away food to sustain body and soul through the winter. Our shelves are lined with pickles and canned Tomatoes. Our freezer is full of Corn, Green Beans and pesto. Onions, Shallots and Garlic are dry and hanging in mesh bags. Now it's t...

October 13, 2017

Why sow flowers in the fall?

You can sow both perennial, and many annual flowers in the fall. Some perennials germinate best when stratified (exposed to a cold, moist period), which will naturally occur with fall sowing. Some annual flower seeds can survive a cold, mois...

October 12, 2017

Enjoying Sweet Potatoes All Winter

Our affection for Sweet Potatoes grew when we learned they are almost twice as nutritious as any other vegetable. High in vitamin C as well as calcium, folate, potassium and beta-carotene (which the body converts to vitamin A), Sweet P...

October 9, 2017

For Lease 307-635-5303
1901 Central Ave

Approximately 8900 Sq. Feet….

Beautiful Downtown Cheyenne Location….

Kitchen Equipment Available…

Ready to move in….

Full Restaurant, located in High Visibility Central Cheyenne Location. Historic Hotel Building, set up with Large Kit...

October 8, 2017

For most gardeners, the thought of raking and bagging so many leaves is not fun. There is an easier way to approach the job this season by keeping and reusing the bounty of autumn leaves, instead of perpetually dragging them to the curb. More than half the nutrients ab...

October 5, 2017

With age comes wisdom, a wealth of experience and the gradual appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. If you’re a fan of Eminence Organics Bamboo Firming Fluid and Lavender Age Corrective Night Concentrate and wonder, “How can I reduce my wrinkles?”, you’re in luck...

October 5, 2017

Eat Your Greens Y O U R S K I N W I L L L O V E Y O U F O R I T

Your mom always told you to eat your greens – well, she was right!  Green fruits and vegetables contain concentrated amounts of nutrients and vitamins that offer a myriad of disease-fighting health perks an...